4th and 5th grade

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Monday 5/20/13

Today we started off with show and tell and then we had math.

Then we had 1st recess.

And then we had snack yummy!!!

After we worked on our writing samples.

Then we went on an awesome field trip to Crescent Valley High School.

We did pottery there.

And now we are doing stewardship.

See you later!

This was written by Annalee Hiebert



To day we were doing tsunami stuff.  We are biulding some  houses to bring to the tsunami lab to test if it will hold up and be able to keep a ping pong ball in it.  We have to have the ping pong ball 10 cm off the ground and we have to put it in at the lab and no closing it in at the last minute.  There are groups whith different houses.





by Atira,Fairbanks


Hello,The first thing we did was all school meeting.then drops in the bucket(math worksheets).

Then math.

In math the P.P.E. did  area of a parallelogram,G.G. did area and perimeter in miss eliseas


by William and Josiah

tuesday april 2nd

today we did geometry for math. than brake. then snack.  then dear. then literacy. then finally lunch. we did music. after  that stuff about erosion weathering and deposition. after that graphing  than for me now sterwship. 🙂

by Dakota and Jonah


Today we had mca then math 😦 then we had recess and snack and then read aloud then dear then literacy and lunch and recess again 🙂 then pe and art and finally stewardship. bye. im sorry we couldn’t make this good quality because we were so short on time.






By: Trent And KC


March, 22, 2013 friday, THE AWESOME A.F K.S :)

What’s up parents,

we had a awesome day first it started with math 😦

then we had… RECESS :)!!!!! then we had snack with our BUDDDIES!!! THEN we had D. E.A.R . ( witch means drop everything and read ) then… Spelling test :(!!!!!

then HOT LUNCH AWESOME!!!!!!! 🙂 Then we had a crazy RECESS! ( Again)

and then a weird fish out of water for P.E  a.k.a free time.

and then theres now with is awesome i love blog! and free time.





Today at school we had M.C.A and we read the newspaper in that period.

Then we had math and two of the math groups had kind of hard math.

After we had break then snack.

After snack we had D.E.A.R

Then we had literacy and we did history.

After lunch we had music!

Then we did typing and poems.

Then stewardship and now its time to go home.

This was written by Annalee and Kendel