4th and 5th grade

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Hello,The first thing we did was all school meeting.then drops in the bucket(math worksheets).

Then math.

In math the P.P.E. did  area of a parallelogram,G.G. did area and perimeter in miss eliseas


by William and Josiah


tuesday april 2nd

today we did geometry for math. than brake. then snack.  then dear. then literacy. then finally lunch. we did music. after  that stuff about erosion weathering and deposition. after that graphing  than for me now sterwship. 🙂

by Dakota and Jonah


Today we had mca then math 😦 then we had recess and snack and then read aloud then dear then literacy and lunch and recess again 🙂 then pe and art and finally stewardship. bye. im sorry we couldn’t make this good quality because we were so short on time.






By: Trent And KC