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March, 22, 2013 friday, THE AWESOME A.F K.S :)

What’s up parents,

we had a awesome day first it started with math ūüė¶

then we had… RECESS :)!!!!! then we had snack with our BUDDDIES!!! THEN we had D. E.A.R . ( witch means drop everything and read ) then… Spelling test :(!!!!!

then HOT LUNCH AWESOME!!!!!!! ūüôā Then we had a crazy RECESS! ( Again)

and then a weird fish out of water for P.E  a.k.a free time.

and then theres now with is awesome i love blog! and free time.






Today at school we had M.C.A and we read the newspaper in that period.

Then we had math and two of the math groups had kind of hard math.

After we had break then snack.

After snack we had D.E.A.R

Then we had literacy and we did history.

After lunch we had music!

Then we did typing and poems.

Then stewardship and now its time to go home.

This was written by Annalee and Kendel



First we did math and it was easy after that we went to recess I did jump rope Eva played basketball. Then we came in from recess.


by Hailey and Eva


this is doctor X and doctor Z signing on 

Today we did some awesome M.C.A. morning coffee ACTIVTAYES!  

Also we did the awesome… MAAAATH!!!!!!!! dun dun duuuuuuun!!!!! and it was cool.

THEN!!!!!!!! we had an epicley epickikeley epic recess.

the… laideis gentlemen gentlecars gentlmagiggers…

WE DID READALAWD (read aloud).

then we had DEAR & LIDERAGY (literacy) 

then… the high point… something to do with asia… remembered throughout historyyyyyyyy, THE-JAPANESE-COLLEDGE-STUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS… VISETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAWD (visited)

BEST TOPS EVER (epicest guitar solo EVAR(ever))

then we went to lunch, SPEGHETTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYOWWWW (spaghetti)

then we did another epicly epikikely epic RECESSSSSSAAAAAAAAH (recess)

now its time to serious, so after that we had the normal routine you know something that has to do with writing, or punctuation then we had stewardship, then well were about to have free choice…

Hello heres a list of stuff we did today

1.we worked on are drops in a bucket(math packets)

2.we hade math and heres what we did

PPE=7-10 wkst

GG=12-7 11-25

BK=khan AC

then we went to recess

then snack

then D.E.A.R. (Drop Every thing an read)

then we had literacy .In literacy we did are macroinvertebrate  poems

then we had lunch

then recess

did we mention the water pump was out

Jonah and Josiah


Hello today we are going to tell you what we did today

this morning we read the news paper (the sports)

after that we did math. heres what we did today

PPE=lesson 7-8 worksheet

GG=lesson 12-5

BK=lesson 5-8

then we did recess

then snack

then deer (drop every thing and read)

then literacy

in literacy we  worked on are bug poems

then we ate lunch

then are 2nd recess

then we went to  music

in music we praticed recorder



by josiah liam

Monday ( Casey And Jacobs Perspective)

Here is a list of what we did today:

1. Morning Coffee Activities (MCA)

2. Math ( We did Lesson 7-9 which was reducing fractions. We had 26 problems.)

3. Break (Recess)

4. Snack/Read Aloud (The Hobbit was an exciting read!)

5. D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read)

6. Literacy (We learned more about writing and sentences.)

7. Lunch/Recess (We exercised a lot!)

8. Physical Education (P.E)

9. Art (we worked with clay)

10. Stewardship ( We cleaned up our stuff and went home to get ready for Tuesday!)