4th and 5th grade

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Today we started the day with all school meeting. Then we did math;green goblins did fractions. PPE did turning fractions into decimals and black knights did prime factorization. We also wrote cards for  Mr.Day because his dad past away. Then we painted them. Now we are doing stewardship.                                                                                                      

                                                                         –  Aidan and Trevin



In math we had our annual Friday math test [duh duh duh]. Then we had snack/BUDDIES!!!!! After buddies we had D.E.A.R [drop everything and read].

In literacy we talked about the book we’re reading [peppermints in the parlor].

Today we had a debate, the two sides were if you thought americans should own guns or not.

There was hot lunch today. PIZZA YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we had P.E.!

We had free choice today YAY!!!!!!!!!!


by Kendel and Madeleine.

Today the 18 of January we played math jeopardy and it is really fun and at the end of the game it was a four way tie then later in the day we did p.e and in p.e we played hockey and it was the end of the day



Silas and jacob


Today is Thursday so we had free write. Its where u write stuff that happened to you.

We had a substitute M.r.s E.

For math green goblins/GG had lesson 8-5 WKST.

The purple people eaters/PPE had  exponents

For black knights/BK we had 11.5 in our math book + khan academy.

In history we learned about cranberries.

We also did our riparian maps.




-Trent and Aidan C.



First we had all school meeting and in that the whole school sung This Little Light Of Mine.

Later we had literacy and after we had P.E. which was super fun. We played hockey in P.E.

then we did our riparian stuff for an hour then stewardship and now time to go home!


Written by Liam and Annalee


Math was basic decimals. At break  I played wall ball, four square and walked the track.


Liam and Max


First we did M.C.A. and in that we practiced our math facts.

Then we had math  which of course was boring and the good thing about Friday is that  what we don’t finish in math class we don’t have to finish at home.

Then we had break, then snack with our kindergarden buddies.

After we had all school games then hot lunch which was pasta  and meatballs!

Then we had 2nd break and after that we had P.E. after we had writing and stewardship  then free choice!


By Eva Wing and Annalee