4th and 5th grade

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Today ,this morning,we did laps,push ups,sit ups,stretch outs and more laps.

After “P.E” we did math.In math this is what we did

PPE “purple people eaters” test on data and probability.

GG”green goblins” two chapters on estimating and mean(average)

BK”black nights” did khan academy  on algebra

Then we did break.

After that we worked on point of view of the Blue Magpie.

Next we ate lunch/break.

In the middle of the day we did P.E .in P.E

by Madeleine



Today, oh today we went fishing (not really) today was odd we didn’t go to P.E like we usually do. In fact we did crafts for like 2 hours and had like a short recess or something like that. we also worked on history which backfired on… someone but all in all it was pretty normal well g’day fine chap

from tom


Today to start Mr. Day’s class we went to the gym to run around have relay races.

After the running and relay races we had math as usual the green goblins were rounding and estimating, the purple people eaters were learning about outcomes and odds, and the black knights were measuring the perimeter and area of the gym and that was math class.

We had D.E.A.R in the library today.

Today in literacy we were finishing up our point of view projects.


by Madeleine and William


Today our class talked about lockdown drills then we went to math just like every monday. We are writing about point of view like different  opinions. In P.E . we are doing circus skills every one in class is trying really hard when we started the circus skills half of the class couldn’t jungle now most of the half can. then we went on to stewardship. This friday we have a math facts and spelling test – be prepared and have a good week.


by Katie and Eva


Today we did some pretty cool stuff.We had our math tests. The math tests were subtraction, addition, mulitplcation, subtraction and a hard math fact sheet.We had recess for 15 minutes. Then, We got ready for the kindergarten buddies to come to our class. We ate snack with them, and then we made hats. The kindergarten boys made pointy hats with stars on them, while the girls made crowns with candles on them. Then we washed the windows and spread some bird seed around. At lunch most people got pizza and chocolate milk except for the people who ate their own lunch. We ran out to the second recess and played for 30 minutes. Later we had P.E. (physical education.) After that we had free choice and then it was time for the weekend!


From KC (5th grade)


first we went to all school meting, then we went to math,then we went to recess,then we went to snack,then we read,then we went to literacy,then we went to lunch,then we went to P.E.


By Hailey and Aidan S.


Today we did some pretty interesting stuff. Like well… OH! yeah we finally started a new art project, you know how back then they didn’t have copy machines. Well during art, for our point of view for the blue magpie project,, we got to copy how the (under breath) cavemen used to copy pictures for books. During P.E we started doing circus skill’s, like juggling, tight rope, and stunts.

from Tom and kosette